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ChargeIsDeclined – What 5 Days of Helping BackPage Refugees Taught us

One of the world’s most “well networked” subcultures has now been introduced to bitcoin.

The flood of “companions” and masters” looking to buy their first bitcoin began five days ago when BackPage stopped accepting Visa and MasterCard, or rather those networks stopped extending their services to them. The official story was concerns of “trafficking”. We cannot attest to any of that but we can share the experience that five days of customer support has given us.

The #charge is declined hashtag swept through twitter as libertarians and puritans alike took stands on Visa and Mastercard's decision to refuse service to
The #charge is declined hashtag swept through twitter as libertarians and puritans alike took stands on Visa and Mastercard’s decision to refuse service to

Sarah, our customer support intern took the full brunt of this new flock of bitcoin seekers. Three things in particular about this new group really stood out.

  1. They are super savvy and did their homework. Most people who buy their first bitcoin ask a lot of very elementary questions but these ladies did their research first and their questions were a lot more focused and business oriented.
  2. They were all calm and patient. A lot of people are in a  rush to get bitcoin fast but they really wanted to take their time and understand bitcoin and exactly how a peer to peer market place works
  3. They are the orignal Open Source. They wanted to give back and help others. Everything they learned they wanted to share with others and ease their way. Many of them wrote blogs to guide their friends. 

-Sarah Paxful Customer Support

The ride ended just today as Backpage has made placing ads, free. Yes, even Adult Ads, free. Thanks to Tony Rosano of the Free State Project. Tony’s put together an awesome guide for bitcoin first timers working as companions. It is very curious why Backpage would just go “Free” and even give freebies for their “adult ads” but they have. You only pay for an adult ad now if you want it bumped to the very top but there is no cost to list. Perhaps they took such a hit in sales that they decided to give away their ads as a measure to keep their user base.

No matter what the reason this has been a huge learning experience for all of us and it is a glimpse into the bright future of bitcoin. We now know how to better prepare as more portions of the economy join the bitcoin economy. Peer to peer markets will be THE way the mainstream gets their bitcoin and the Paxful team is dedicated to make sure it happens as easily and paxfully (peacefully) as possible.

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